Why do Diabetics Get More Foot Problems?


What causes them?

The point to understand is that the HIGH BLOOD SUGARS in Diabetics cause damage to the blood vessels.

This damage to the blood vessels is what causes the various problems and complications associated with diabetes.

Diabetes also causes the FIGHTING ABILITY(IMMUNITY) of the body to go down and thereby makes a diabetic more prone to infections.

So how does the damage to blood vessels cause the problems associated with diabetes?

The damage to the blood vessels causes them to become BRITTLE which causes blocks in them and reduces the flow of blood through them. This stoppage of flow is what causes the various complications of diabetes like Heart attacks, Kidney failure, Brain strokes, gangrene etc.

Diabetic Foot Clinic

Here however we are concerned with Foot Problems in Diabetics :

Why do they occur?

What kind of problems occur?

What can we do to prevent them?

Are they Treatable?

Why is it important to save the foot, even the smallest part!