Diabetic Foot Ulcers

How do Diabetic Foot Ulcers form?

Diabetic Foot Ulcer areas

The red shaded areas are subject to higher pressures. This leads to formation of thick skin called CALLUS. The callus breaks down and ulcers form.Because of DIABETIC NEUROPATHY there is no pain. You keep walking on the ulcer and at some point in time, infection enters and leads to the various complications of diabetic foot ulcers.

If the infection enters the blood, it is called SEPTICAEMIA and is an extremely serious condition which may even lead to death. So no infection of the foot in a diabetic is to be taken lightly and must be treated with proper antibiotics under medical supervision. Do not use antibiotics randomly and without medical supervision as this may lead to the development of resistance and the antibiotics may not fight against the infection.

If alongwith the ulcer, the blood supply is also less, then the situation is worse as to fight infection and to heal the ulcer, the blood supply needs to increase, but the body is unable to do so. This leads to further complications and in some cases to GANGRENE. This if not treated on time will lead to loss of limb(amputation) or even death.


  1. Self medication is dangerous in Diabetic foot ulcers
  2. Do not put pressure on the affected part of the foot
  3. Examine your feet daily to see if there is any thickening of skin/ulcer formation


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