Mechanism of formation of diabetic foot ulcers


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Diabetic Foot Infected Ulcer

The skin gets pressed between the bone and the sole of the shoe or the floor(if you walk barefoot).This leads to continuous pressure, formation of callus and then ulcer formation in the diabetic foot.

CALLUS(hard skin) must be removed regularly so that the pressure reduces. It can be removed by use of a Pumice Stone while your feet are wet, or then it should be removed by a person experienced in such removals. Regular removal of callus leads to reduction in the development of ulcers and hence leads to decreased incidence of foot amputations.

Ulcers may remain dormant for years but an exacerbation may occur at any time. The infection may spread within hours and lead to loss of either the leg or the patients life.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer This ulcer persisted for many years.

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