Problems in Treating Patients with Diabetic Foot Complications

The MOST frustrating thing when it comes to treating a patient with Diabetic Foot Complications for a health care provider are:

  1. Bringing changes in the patients lifestyle – Before effective therapy for foot problems can be done with medicines, control of blood sugars is paramount.
  2. The casual attitude of patients towards blood sugar levels: “It is sometimes high”, “I take an additional 2-3 units of Insulin if I have a sweet”,”Can I walk barefoot inside the house”, “I had to go to the temple/mosque/gurudwara/some other shrine to thank God for saving my foot…and I walked barefoot there” and many other such statements are made by patients.
  3. The point to realize is this : STRICT CONTROL OF Blood Sugars WITHOUT VARIATIONS or Fluctuations is what helps in the success of treatment and the effectiveness of medicines.
  4. Whether you are walking barefoot inside or outside, the pressure on the foot is the same and can worsen your condition…every year I get patients especially in the summers when they burn their feet by walking barefoot…the neuropathy does not let them feel pain and by the time they realize, it is too late.
  5. SMOKING : I smoke only 5-6 times a day now…its like saying, I take poison regularly but now I am taking less poison…poison is poison…more or less. Smoking and High Blood sugars work synergistically where 1+1 is not=2, but equal to 11.
  6. Alcohol consumption also damages nerves…so restrict your alcohol intake.

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