Ingrown Toe Nail removal in a Diabetic.


Diabetic Foot Ingrown Toe Nail

Why do Ingrown Toe Nails Occur ? CLICK HERE

Any Surgery in a Diabetic Foot is associated with higher complication rates than in non diabetics. The intention here is NOT TO Scare YOU but to make you aware of the risks associated with the diabetic foot.

Whenever the part of the nail in the fold is cut, it has a tendency to ingrow. In diabetics this can lead to multiple complications.

  1. It can be the source of entry of infection into the foot_ which can lead to loss of the toe.
  2. Once the infection enters it can spread into the foot – which can lead to loss of foot/leg/life depending upon the severity of the infection and at what stage the patient presents apart from other conditions like lack of blood supply to the foot, kidney disease etc.
  3. Gangrene of the TOE which can spread…this usually occurs due to reduced circulation in the foot.

Diabetic Foot Toe Gangrene

This Gangrene of the Toe happened because the patient had reduced circulation to the toe and he cut into the nail fold.

Lesson learnt is “Always Cut The Nails Square”

No nail removal must be done without assessing for the circulation as Large Numbers of legs are lost due to gangrene following removal of ingrown toe nails

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