Learn the basics of diabetic foot care and diabetic ulcer management this August 7th,14th,21st & 28th.

 This is an online course spread over four weekends, two hours every
Friday from
 3-5 pm

This course is meant to deliver a basic understanding of the diabetic foot, factors which cause it and the management of diabetic foot problems at a family practice. It is meant to let participants know why diabetic foot problems occur, what kinds of footwear a diabetic should wear, various classifications of the diabetic foot, various modalities available for treatment and to generate an interest in the treatment of diabetic foot problems.

This course is for those doctors & wound care professionals who deal with diabetic foot problems in a family practice as well as doctors, students & post graduates in surgery who would like to know a little more about diabetic foot management

Learn about Hyperbaric oxygen, Negative pressure, customized footaids, debridement techniques, what antibiotics to use, how to remove callus, how to culture a wound, which vascular techniques are useful etc.

The course content is with powerpoints, actual videos & case discussions.


  1. Diabetic Neuropathy
  2. Diabetic Vasculopathy with emphasis on lower limb vascular changes & treatment
  3. The Charcot Foot
  4. Callus Removal & Its importance
  5. Foot mechanics as a precursor to Diabetic Foot Ulceration
  6. Diabetic foot Infections & Negotiating a risk reducing plan with patients
  7. Acute Medical Management of Diabetic Foot
  8. Diabetic footwear & Footwear Modifications possible in a Family Practice setup
  9. HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen) in the diabetic foot
  10. NPWT(Negative pressure wound therapy) in the diabetic foot
  11. Skin & Nail Manifestaions in Diabetes
  12. Local Wound Management : Wound assessment & Debridement Techniques.

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