What causes Diabetic Foot Problems ?


  • Barefoot walking : either because of ignorance or non compliance or non availability of appropriate footwear
  • Chappals with a toe divider are also major culprits in India…the so called Hawaii Chappal.
  • Home surgery…cutting callus him/herself, cutting toe nails too close, using chemical based CORN CAPS
  • Ignorance amongst both patients and medical personnel.

Many times the inexperience of both patients and medical personnel is responsible for various Diabetic Foot problems which can cost the patient.

A small break in the skin which may be discounted by an inexperienced medical professional or by the patient himself e.g a heel crack, may lead to an ulceration, which deepens, leads to tissue destruction and a foot problem which may last till either the patient loses his foot or dies.

Diabetic Foot ulcersSmall injuries worsen over time as pressure is put on the foot while walking.